Mum’s… Treat Your Health

In the lead up to Mother’s Day we wanted to celebrate women because they are amazing.

Being a Mum is a tough but rewarding job. ‘Tired’ has a new meaning and ‘me time’ doesn’t really exist.

It’s important that you still take time for yourself and give yourself the space to breathe and re-charge.

Our slogan is Treat Your Health, which to us means making healthy fun, and delicious as well as doing anything that makes you feel good while also benefiting your health (both mental and physical).

We spoke to some of the lovely mum’s we know and asked them… How do you TREAT YOUR HEALTH’? Here are there words of wisdom….


1) Nichola Ludlum-Raine, registered dietician and health blogger @mummynutrition

“I treat my health by making sure to go on a daily walk with my baby in the sling. It does me so much good getting outside into nature & it gets my heart pumping too!”


2) Helen Fagan, one of our lovely friends @helenfagan1717

“I treat my health by ensuring I have plenty of delicious and nourishing snacks (including squirrel sister bars obviously!) in the house, the pram, the nappy bag…everywhere! Fuelling my body with tasty and energising treats keeps me happy and healthy (and most importantly for everyone around me it stops the hanger!)”


3) Madeleine Shaw, nutritional therapist and author @madeleine_shaw_

I try and keep active and eat well as much as I can. You don’t get them same time for yoga classes every day as a mum but I try and get Shay involved running around in the park with him and getting him to help me prepare healthy meals we can all enjoy


4) Abi Wright, founder of spa @wright.abi @spabreaks

 “As a busy working mum of three I treat my health by taking time to myself walking my dogs. I leave my phone at home and give myself at least an hour on my own absorbed in my own thoughts. I often find some of my best business ideas for my company Spabreaks.comhave come from having the freedom of being able to let my mind run wild!”


5) Jayne Gibson, one of our lovely friends @jayney1987    

“Sometimes it’s hard to find time to treat my health as a working mummy. But on my day off on a Wednesday, I do everything I love. I get the whole day with my little boy, usually at the zoo getting my steps and having lots of fun, sometimes try and squeeze a nap in when he sleeps, and then I play netball when he’s gone to bed with friends.”


6) Cecilia Harris, co-owner Results With Lucy @resultswithcecilia

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. Move a little, eat your green and a glass of vino too.”


7) Mummy Squirrel (aka our lovely mum Jean) @jeanityrrell

“Knowing that good mental and physical health is our most valuable asset, I’ve always made sure that I’ve taken good care of mine. I treat my health by eating a nutritious diet, which has a massive impact on the way I feel and function. Eating well has always been very important to me so I’m delighted that my girls started Squirrel Sisters because it means I get to eat their delicious and healthy products all the time. Their products genuinely enhance my active outdoor life, which includes lots of sailing and hiking.”


8) Sophia Sassoon , one of our lovely friends @sophiasassonnme (Instagram), @sophiasassoon (Twitter) 

“I love juicing, never missing a day. This gives me all the energy to face the early mornings and broken sleep. My kids love it too.”


9) Nicole Clewer, founder of Dot Dash Activewear @nicoleclewer16 @dotdashactivewear

“As a mum, I must admit my health has probably taken a bit of a back step as Jago takes over my life in so many ways. I can’t get to the gym every day like I used to and insta worry avocado and poached eggs on toast are mostly a thing of the past. However, I do ensure I schedule in at least two morning workouts a week before my Husband goes to work (anything else is a bonus), and I try to take the healthy option when I can, but sometimes the cake option wins!”


10) Zoe Hardman presenter and co-founder of Made By Mammas @zoehardman@madebymammas

“The way I treat my health is by doing a Barrys Bootcamp class or sweating it out in hot yoga. For me being kind to my body and feeding it with exercise has always made me feel amazing. That’s why I love dancing so much too, same result of endorphins just more fun!”


11) Georgia Dayton co-founder Made By Mammas @squeakygeorgia @madebymammas

“I treat my health in lots different ways but since being a mum the best way is by giving myself some time alone. An hour in the gym or going to class does wonders for me!”