Top 10 Free From Picks – Morrisons

Morrisons definitely have one of the best selections of Free From products around so we feel lucky to be a part of that range with all four of our flavours!  Here are our top 10 picks to inspire your next shop in-store or online…

1. Squirrel Sisters bars

Obviously our favourite…..the perfect snacks which are not only great on-the-go, but delicious enough to feel like you’re having a treat.  They’re also on offer at the moment!

2. Nairn Gluten Free Snackers – Cheese

These are like a more filling version of Mini Cheddars – perfect if you need something to keep you going and are in a savoury mood.

3. Morrisons Free From Red Lentil Pasta

As big fans of homemade lunches, this one is regularly featured. It tastes delicious and is really filling (without making you feel tired like some heavy pasta dishes do).  We love it most with pesto!

4. Oatly Long Life Barista Milk Alternative

We’re always trying new ‘mylks’ in the office and this one is definitely our favourite.  It never curdles in a cup of tea/coffee and tastes creamy and delicious.

5. Freaks of Nature Cocoa Loco

This is a new product from Freaks of Nature and we’re already hooked. They use totally natural, nutritious ingredients but tastes indulgent at the same time.

6. Morrisons Free From Seasoned Curly Fries

Who doesn’t love a curly fry?!  Not on our menus as frequently as they may have been at uni, but definitely a nice treat every now and then, especially now Morrisons have made these gluten-free ones

7. Gosh Sweetcorn and Quinoa Bites

These are delicious! Nice as a warm snack  at home, or a part of a meal with some salad, pasta or with some chips on the side

8. Morrisons Free From Pure Oats

If you follow us on instagram you’ll see how much we love our porridge….an absolute staple in both our our homes and we love this one as there is no risk of cross contamination which is particularly important for anyone who is Coeliac.

9. Morrisons Free From Moroccan Falafael

These have a great flavour and we love that these are Free From so we don’t have to scour the ingredient list in the hope that there isn’t any wheat in there.

10. Morrisons Carvery Breaded Ham (Gluten Free)

Morrisons source all of their meat from local farmers in the UK, so we’re a big fan of this breaded ham….one that usually gluten-freers have to steer clear of.