Chocolatey Stocking Fillers

Written by Sophie

Gracie and I have our Christmas morning routine…any time after 7am who ever wakes up first is allowed to wake the other one up (this used to be 4am when we were children and literally couldn’t sleep). We sit together surrounded by all of our pillows and duvets on one bed and start to explore the goodies in our stockings (no you are never too old for stockings). We then start our Christmas breakfast of CHOCOLATE with the odd satsuma thrown in whilst playing some random ‘pocket game’ that our mum…sorry santa, has put in there for us.

As we’ve grown up and have become healthier, and realised that although it’s important to eat breakfast, usually a bag of chocolate reindeer isn’t the best choice to start the day…particularly when it’s an indulgent day anyway!  We love food that makes us feel great, tastes great and nourishes us…so we’ve sampled a lot of delicious yet sin-free products out there so we’ve put a list together for you to request for your stocking….or to fill your friends and families stockings so that we can all have a less refined-sugary xmas but still get the day off to a delicious start.

1. Ocelot Chocolate

We saw this recently in Planet Organic and the packaging is just gorgeous so it immediately caught our attention.  It is made with high quality cacao and created by a couple up in Scotland who are qualified chefs, so a delicious option with ingredients sourced by the couple themselves.  The sweetness of the chocolate comes from Organic and unrefined cane sugar.


2. Christmas Artisan ‘Free From’ Variety Pack

Ian got me these for my birthday and they are delicious!  And they’re now doing a special Christmas edition full of goodness and deliciousness. The ball shape makes you feel like you’re eating a giant truffle too!


3. Cru8 Almond Macaroons

Slightly off the chocolate theme but just as delicious….one of my friends recently bought me a bag of these and they honestly are so good.  They are sweetened with organic coconut nectar and have a marzipan flavour with satisfying nutty texture – so good!  I can assure you that the packaging is also lovely but I couldn’t find an image of it.  They do a chocolate version too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.17.32 pm

4. Designed2Eat Chocolate Brownie

One of the best things about constantly talking and writing about food is that people love you to try theirs (although we only write about the ones that we like and fit in with our those about healthy yet delish food) and Charleh from D2E sent these to us a while ago and they were SO good.  They’ve really managed to get the cakey/fudgy texture of a brownie but with wholesome nutritious ingredients. The packaging isn’t quite as pretty as some of the others, but the taste is worth it!!


5. Sweet Virtues Truffle boxes

These are gorgeous little treats full of superfoods and other nutritious ingredients.  The creator of these truffles  is a passionate advocate for great tasting food and the goodness it can offer us and has lots of experience in the health and wellness sector so you can trust in her products nourishing you!


6. Squirrel Sisters Cacao Brownie

I had to add a 6th because we can’t recommend chocolatey treats without mentioning our own Cacao Brownie!  For those of you who are ready this and haven’t been told by us…it’s full of organic cacao butter, powder and nibs so gives it a really unique texture and rich chocolatey flavour.  Since we’ve launched we’ve been out there doing lots of sampling and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback!! The beautiful packaging created by our design squirrel Ian (aka my boyfriend) means it’s a delightful treat to find in your stocking.

vis choc