Beat The Monday Blues! Massage- Review

Written By Gracie 

Our absolute favourite way to relax is by having a massage… not only is it an opportunity for you to lie down and zone out for 30-60 mins but it’s also incredibly rejuvenating and stress relieving.

We recently got the opportunity to try out a massage treatment at Sorbet Salon, which is a South African company now expanding in the UK.

I went to the East Finchley branch on a miserable Monday and opted for the full body Swedish massage to see if it could help me fight the Monday blues.

It wasn’t until I lay down on the bed under the warm blanket with the relaxing music chiming in the background  that I realised how exhausted I was. It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks and it felt like it had suddenly caught up with me so the thought of a 60 minute massage made me feel so happy.

The therapist was lovely and checked what pressure I wanted and if I had any areas that had tension so she could focus on those. She started with me lying face up and massaged pressure points on my face, head and shoulders before turning over and continuing on my back.

One thing I have to say as a keen massage goer is that the bed was by far the best massage bed I had been on for one reason… the face hole! Face holes are never that comfy and can be incredibly uncomfortable, squashing your face that you end up drooling and feeling congested so it was a real pleasure to finally have a face hole that was comfy. This may seem like an odd thing to appreciate  but it really can make or break your experience!

My preferred style of massage is normally quite vigorous; the deep tissue type where I have someone poking me with their elbow and walking up and down my back while pushing their toes into my pressure points so it was a nice change to try out more of a gentle, relaxing style.

It was one of the most relaxing massages I have had and left me feeling calm and peaceful 🙂