*Competition*- #TreatYourHealth this January

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#TreatYourHealth this January…

We are running a competition this month where you could win a post-christmas ‘January kick starter kit’- a box full of some of our favourite brands delicious and healthy goodies that will restore you and your body after an over indulgent month.

We wanted to let you know more about everything that is included in our giveaway, so have written all the info on all the brands and products that are included. Click on the pictures to be taken the to brands official websites if you want to know more.

If you want to enter the competition then head over to our Instagram page for more info @squirrelsisters https://www.instagram.com/squirrelsisters/.


GOOD LUCK we will be announcing the winner on the 2nd January 2016

Have an amazing Christmas and fantastic New Year xxx


The Prize Includes:

1) Squirrel Sisters Bars 

We couldn’t do a giveaway competition without including our delicious guilt-free snack bars. You will get one of each of our flavours- raspberry ripple, coconut cashew & cacao brownie. Our bars fit in with a number of lifestyles such as paleo, gluten-free, vegan and they are 100% raw. They can be eaten any time of the day; pre/post workout, for breakfast, the snack between meals, after dinner as a healthy pudding- they are the perfect guilt-free treat!



2) Squirrel Sisters Canvas Tote Bag

The perfect gym bag. You will get one of our bags and the pictures below show the logo on the front and back.



3) Lucy Bee Epsom Salts

We love epsom salt baths so had to include some because they are fantastic for those trying to detox. Lucy Bee has provided a pot of her recently launched epsom salts and here are some of the amazing benefits:

  • Helps raise the magnesium and sulphate levels in your body, which makes it an incredible mineral supplement
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Alleviates aching limbs
  • Relieves back and muscle pain as well as cramps
  • Cures skin problems
  • Treats congestion and colds
  • Heals cuts
  • Draws toxins from your body
  • Helps relieve bloating
  • Acts as a stress reliever
  • Prevents hardening of arteries and blood clots, which therefore reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes
  • The magnesium and sulphate components enhance the production of insulin,which helps prevent diabetes and/or lessen its severity



4) Lifebox 

We are obsessed with Lifebox…who doesn’t love new exciting healthy products being delivered to your door every month. Lifebox has very kindly provided a little bag of treats and a voucher for one of their delicious boxes for our competition. All the goodies that Lifebox send in their monthly subscription boxes are refined sugar free, organic, GMO free, raw, began, gluten-free, dairy-free, Wheat-free and have no preservative or additives.




5) Punch Foods Superseeds

You will get one pouch of the Japanese tamari seeds, which are the perfect mid afternoon snack. 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan, GMO free, dairy free, high fibre and a source of protein. Punch Foods believe that life should be full of flavour. That’s why they’ve created innovative healthy foods, bringing together nutritiously rich ingredients that are naturally bursting with taste.




6) Scentered

You will get 2 of Scentered’s therapy balms- ‘focus’ and ‘stress less’. ‘Focus’ is a stimulating balm to clear the head, awaken the senses and focus the mind, and ‘stress less’ is a balancing and uplifting balm to ease everyday tensions, soothe the mind and lift the spirits. You apply the balms to pulse points and inhale deeply. The balms have the finest quality ingredients, are 100% natural and therapeutic grade essential oils, harnessing the natural power of plants to restore lifestyle balance naturally.



7) TeaTonics Organic Tea

We are including 4 packs of TeaTonics delicious organic teas. You will get a pack of matte-spice, restorative, botanicals and yerba mate. Herbal tea is great for cleansing and hydrating the body, which a lot of you may need after an over indulgent Christmas ;-). TeaTonics tea is made by carefully combining powerful botanical ingredients, hand-milled in small batches. Their premium blends offer complex taste profiles, positive mind- body effects and a wealth of micronutrients and antioxidants.




8) Coconut Merchant Oil & Jam

We have been collaborating with Coconut Merchant for a while now and absolutely love them and their products. We will be giving away a large jar of their coconut oil and a jar of their coconut jam. Coconut oil is amazing and can be used in a variety of ways: in your cooking and baking, to moisturise hair and skin, as a natural make-up remover, as a shaving balm or moisturiser for babies. It’s 100% coconut, cold pressed, raw, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and it has no preservatives and 0% cholesterol. The coconut jam is smooth and caramel sweet. It’s made from 100% coconuts, with absolutely nothing added. Their jam makes for an amazingly mouth-watering spread to be used on breads, pastries, or biscuits – or even on its own, straight from the jar!



9) Primrose Kitchen Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli

Not only are Primrose’s products packed full of amazing flavours, but they are also packed full of amazing health benefits. We love the raw beetroot and ginger muesli so had to include it in our giveaway. It contains gluten free oats with fresh beetroot and zingy ginger, balanced with a combination of nuts and seeds as well as extra love in the form of psyllium husks and hemp seeds. Primrose includes ingredients in her products that you might associate more with lunch or dinner such as beetroot and carrot…she wanted create a versatile health food that tasted great and could be eaten as a healthy snack whatever time of the day.



10) Aduna Baobab

Aduna Baobab is amazing for skin, immune function and general wellbeing. We will be including a pot of it in our giveaway and love it so much we wrote a whole article on it: https://squirrelsisters.com/the-amazing-health-benefits-of-baobab/

Aduna Product Shoot_310414_Smoothies0756


11) Drink Maple’s Maple water

You will get a couple of bottles of this amazing hydrating maple water. This refreshing drink is absolutely delicious and is 100% maple water. It only contains one ingredient but has an amazing 46 nutrients. Here is the list of incredible benefits:

  • It’s naturally hydrating
  • Low in sugar (contains half the sugar of coconut water)
  • Rich in minerals (particularly calcium)
  • High in magnesium (a powerful antioxidant that could help with thyroid health and blood sugar control)
  • Organic acid (malic acid, which may help with muscle soreness and reduce fatigue)
  • Nutrient rich (minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, electrolytes and prebiotics)
  • It’s Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO

For those that aren’t sure of what maple water is… it is literally the water that is produced by a maple tree. During the long winter, the sap in maple trees collects nutrients from the soil. When spring comes to Vermont and the days grow warm, the sap starts to run, delivering nutrients and vitality to the tree. That’s when they collect the sap straight from maple trees. In the process, no trees are harmed.




12) The Lovely Soap Companies Detox Bath Oil

You will get a bottle of The Lovely Soap companies detox oil- A luxurious bath oil scented with a zesty blend of essential oils to cleanse and invigorate. This gorgeous little bottle has carefully selected skin-nourishing plant oils mixed with a refreshing blend of grapefruit, lemon, lime and juniper essential oils, designed to help you feel revitalised and invigorated. Whilst your skin will be left feeling moisturised and beautifully fragrant. The bath oil is handmade with love and care using pure vegetable oils and essential oils. No SLS, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances.




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