The #GirlPower Series featuring Elsie & Dominika of Clean Beauty Co

For our March issue of The #GirlPower Series we have the gorgeous girls who founded Clean Beauty Co a natural skincare company that creates products made with active botanicals and luxurious ingredients that feed your skin and hair. No nasties just natural ingredients that  are better for your skin, better for your body, better for the environment and better for you.

The #GirlPower Series  Featuring Elsie Rutherford & Dominika Minarovic  d87f217a78b80285_tb

Photo Credit: Melissa Gamvros 

1) For those that don’t know you can you give a short summary of who you are and what you do…

We’re Elsie and Dominika from Clean Beauty Co, a modern beauty brand on a mission to empower people to control of what they put on their skin. We produce green beauty content through recipes, workshops and our book Clean Beauty, as well as selling a small range of 100% natural beauty products.

2) How do you #TreatYourHealth

The pair of us are a massive fan of a treat and both have a particularly sweet tooth. If it’s a workout day (usually Barry’s Bootcamp, yoga or pilates) then we may indulge in an afternoon treat. It’s often a Livia’s Kitchen bite, apple and PB or a baked good from Broadway market (Dom is obsessed with cinnamon whirls). Oh, and red wine. It’s all about balance right?

3) How do you fuel yourself on a busy day    

We love a good lunch at CBCo to keep us going through hectic afternoons. Morty & Bob’s is a cafe based within our office building and they do insane food – wholesome soups (roasted cauliflower is our fave), squash salads and avo on toast.  Keeps us going through the afternoon and gives us 30 minutes away from our work to refocus.

4) Talk us through your typical work day

It kind of doesn’t exist in our world! Our days are crammed full of the most mundane to the most bizarre activities – from formulating products, writing recipes, blogging and running our Instagram to financial forecasting, planning our marketing strategy and visiting our manufacturer or warehouse. We have moments where we look at each other, covered in an avocado facemask on a photoshoot, and think ‘what are our lives?!’ No one day is the same and that’s why we love it!

5) Who’s your biggest inspiration and why

We draw our inspiration from the people around us; our mums for their unfaltering kindness, our amazing friends who are all incredibly driven, ambitious and giving but most of all each other! We look to each other to drive us, to spur us on, for ideas and support and without each other the business wouldn’t exist!

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years

As a pioneering natural beauty brand recognised by the mainstream. We want to show people that natural beauty is as, if not more, effective than high street alternatives but it’s also much better for your skin, hair, health and the environment.

7) How do you relax and switch off

We try and get away as much as time/finance allows us. Dom is a huge ski bunny and Elsie is a city break fanatic. For day to day switching off it can be tough to not think about the business every minute of every day, we find setting aside time to exercise gives us 60-90 minutes of focussing on something else and helps us to stay positive and driven.

8) Who do you love ‘stalking’ on social media?

Into The Gloss for all things beauty, Britanie Faith for all things natural beauty, Pop & Suki for all things pink, Margot Robbie cos we want her to be our mate, 9Gag for lols.

9) What does #GirlPower mean to you?

Girl Power is so important, especially right now. Us girls have to rally together! It means strength, hope, positivity but most of all community. Coming together, supporting one and other, helping each other to achieve. The women’s march over the weekend was just incredible to watch and proves the sheer force  of Girl Power.

10) One piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

In the words of Nike…Just do it. Stop overthinking it, have confidence, you’ll be amazed how far it gets you.