Monthly Favourites & Gift Ideas

Written By Gracie

We don’t write monthly favourites every month, our rule is that we only write about things we genuinely use and love so it’s stuff we can genuinely rave about and recommend. We both recently celebrated our birthdays so we do have a lot of new things that we’ve been loving throughout October and November so here they are…

It’s not far off Christmas now so hopefully our favourites will give you some gift inspiration as well.

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1. Stubbs- ‘I’d Rather Be….’ personalised mugs, £15

Our mum is so cute… she got us these personalised mugs for our birthday, which she personalised with ‘I’D RATHER BE EATING A SQUIRREL SISTERS BAR’. They are fine bone china and you can personalise them with anything you want, making them a very thoughtful gift!


2. Anthropologie- Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon Candle, £16.00

This candle was a birthday present and it is amazing!! The aroma is so strong (in a good way) so it fills the room and makes it feel so Christmassy and cosy. We love the jar it’s in as well…once the candle is finished you could use it to store jewellery, make-up brushes etc.c44f9c2368634421cd5e05d750e1c4b2

3. Paperchase- Rose Gold Paperclips, £2.50

These make a great stocking fillers… they are rose gold, which makes them so much more fun and pretty than the typical silver paperclips. There are also two sizes in one pack, small and medium. We recommend these to anyone who has a rose gold obsession or anyone that loves stationary.


4. Roberts Radio- Duck Egg, £169.99

Both of us have this radio (G- got it as a wedding present and S- got it as a bday present last year). We LOVE the colour and not only that but love the look of it. This is more of a preachy gift but so worth it if you are wanting to spoil someone this Christmas. 230907490

5. The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co- Mermaids Larder, £12.95

Another great stocking filler for any foodies out there. Firstly we LOVE the packaging, it’s so cute. Each glass bottle is filled with dried condiments including wrack, gutweed, laver, dulse and kelp… perfect for anyone wanting to be a bit adventurous with their cooking.


6. Ruci Foods- (prices vary depending on product)

We were lucky enough to have these guys as our neighbours at a food show we recently exhibited at, which meant we got to pick at their delicious products all weekend and more excitingly take some home to use in our cooking. For any spice fans out there this is SUCH a great brand to know… Ruci is all about natural, ethically sourced Sri Lankan food, all their key ingredients are sourced locally in Sri Lanka where the products are prepared and packaged. We loved everything but our top 3 had to be ‘Biriyani Paste’, ‘Lamb Paste’ and the ‘Green Coconut Sambol’. I think a couple of our foodie friends will be getting these as stocking fillers this year :-).


7. Too Wordy, Prints & Cards

@TooWordy is our favourite stationary designer at the moment. She designed Gracie’s wedding invites, which were so gorgeous and bespoke so check her out on Instagram. She’s got some beautiful cards and prints on her website as well, we particularly love this gold foil Christmas print ‘mistletoe kisses, mulled wine…’print-christmas-love-gold-foil-01-web_1024x1024