Written By Gracie 

PERIODS… it’s something all women have to deal with but something a lot of us dread! Once a month we get to look forward to a surge of hormones, which causes mood swings, back pain, cramps, low energy and occasionally tears (for reasons you can’t explain)…wow that makes it sound so fun!


It’s not all that bad though… especially when you there are companies like ‘It’s a Monthly Thing’ who are all about embracing your time of the month and making it more of a manageable and enjoyable experience.


It’s a Monthly Thing send out a box called PINK PARCEL to you each month at the time of your period, which is full goodies. The box contains tampons, pads, yummy treats, beauty products and lots of things that will make you feel perfectly pampered. You let them know the date of your period and you will receive the box couple of days before so you have everything just in time.


About Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel is for ladies on the go that maybe don’t have time to go out and stock up on tampons each month, who want something delivered to their door that will cheer them up when they feel a bit hormonal and those that just want to feel a bit pampered and spoilt during their period.


How it Works

  1. Head over to their website
  2. Select a brand of tampons/pads
  3. Pick a date that’s closest to your period (so you can receive the box in time)
  4. Receive your box, relaxxxx and feel pampered.

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Pink Parcel also have a little sister called BETTY BOX


We have recently teamed up with It’s Monthly Thing and are very excited to announce that our bars will be making an appearance in both these amazing boxes. Our Cacao Orange bar will be featuring in Betty in October and Pink Parcel in November.



Betty is for 11-15 year olds that have more recently started their period. It can be quite a daunting time when you start your period, your body is going through lots of changes and you can feel very self conscious, overwhelmed and at times embarrassed. Betty is here to change how you feel… your period is a natural part of life and they want you to feel comfortable, confident and at ease talking about your periods.