Wedding Workout 2 – ‘The Blushing Bride’

It’s week 2 of the ‘Wedding Series’… a series of workouts created and written exclusively for our blog by personal trainer Alex Parren from Sundried. Alex has written 4 workouts for us and we will be posting a new one each week for the next month to help you feel fit and energised for your wedding day. Enjoy…

Wedding Workout 2 – ‘The Blushing Bride’

This workout is sure to have you blushing! It’s time to pick up the pace a bit now that the wedding is looming closer. Your maid of honour is busy planning your hen ‘do, and it’s all starting to feel very real! This workout is sure to make you work up a sweat and help you let off some steam from the stress of wedding planning, stay cool and comfortable in the Sundried Ortler T-Shirt while you work out. It’s perfect if you are 3-6 months away from the big day.


You will need:

  • 3kg medicine ball (if you do not have access to a medicine ball, use a dumbbell)
  • Step (optional)

Push Press – Hold the medicine ball underneath with both hands and squat so that your hips are in line with your knees. As you rise in the squat, drive the ball above your head and then catch it back into your chest. Complete 3 rounds of 45 seconds with 60 seconds of rest in between each round. This exercise is sure the raise your heart rate and get you out of breath to get your body burning fat. It will tone and strengthen your legs and glutes as well as your shoulders and back. If you feel like pushing yourself harder, you can throw the ball at the top of the exercise, and even add a clap while the ball is in the air.


Mountain Climbers – Start in a press-up position with your hands directly under your shoulders and your back flat. Draw your left knee into your chest and alternate at a fast pace so that you are running your legs. If you have low blood pressure, it is best to perform this exercise with your hands on a box or step so that your head and heart are elevated. Keep your core squeezed in tight and make sure your shoulders do not track forward. Complete 2 rounds of 30 seconds with 30 seconds of rest in between. This exercise is another which is sure to get your heart going and get your metabolism fired up.


Jack Planks – These are a lot like mountain climbers but you will be moving in a different direction. Start in the same position with your hands under your elbows and your back flat. This time, jump your legs out and in so that you have a steady rhythm. That’s it! Keep your bum down throughout this exercise as it will want to rise, and keep your core tight by squeezing your belly button up to the ceiling. As with the mountain climbers, this exercise will raise your heart rate and you can place your hands on a step or box if you’d like.


Alternating Lunges – Lunge forward on your right leg so that your ankle, knee, and hip are at a right-angle. Keep your chest and shoulders up with your hands on your hips and stay looking ahead. Push back to your starting position off your right foot and then repeat on the left leg. Complete 10 reps on each leg for 3 rounds with 60 seconds of rest between each round. Lunges are a classic leg exercise and are guaranteed to tone all parts of your legs. Performing dynamic lunges like this will also raise your heart rate and work your core.


Frog Jumps – Place a kettlebell, medicine ball, or dumbbell next to you as a marker. Using your arms for momentum, jump forwards off both legs as far as you can. Land on both feet in a deep squat and then shuffle back to your starting marker. Complete 15 jumps and then rest for 60 seconds. This plyometric exercise will help to develop power in your legs and work them harder than a normal static movement.


Russian Twists – Balancing on your bum with your legs off the floor, cross your feet in front of you and tense your core. Pass the medicine ball from left to right without letting it touch the floor on either side. Make sure you breathe steadily and keep your chin tucked in to keep your spine in alignment. If this variation is too tough, feel free to perform the exercise with your feet on the floor. Complete 2 45-second rounds with 30 seconds of rest in between each round.


Try to complete this workout 3 times a week and complement it with another type of low intensity training such as yoga or pilates. You will soon find that your stress level is reduced and your fitness and strength will increase. Feel free to increase the weights as you get stronger and adjust the rest times to suit you.