Written by Serena Louth a reflexologist, yoga teacher and plant-based cook. Luna Wellbeingwas born from Serena’s fascination with finding health and happiness through more holistic means.  Inspired by the intimate link between mind and body, her aim is to introduce others to more natural ways of boosting vitality and reaching balance in their lives.

5 Reasons to try Reflexology

1. Reflexology is an ancient practise – people have been working the feet to help achieve health and well-being for thousands of years! It is thought that the feet contain a mini map of the body, and that by stimulating and applying pressure to certain areas in the feet, a healing response can be prompted within the body. The body’s energetic balance may have been disrupted by stress, injury or illness, and reflexology works with the energetic body to restore balance.

2. Reflexology is the perfect antidote to our stressful modern lives. Not only is a treatment deeply relaxing, it has numerous health benefits; most notably improved mood, increased energy and more restful sleep. With stress being so prevalent in our active urban lives, reflexology is a wonderful way to unwind, calm a busy mind and tap into the body’s innate healing wisdom.

3. Reflexology is a wonderful treatment if you’re pregnant! Treatments can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy and post-natal as a way of bringing balance to mind and body. The calming effects of a treatment can help to soothe pre-birth anxieties, improve quality of sleep and ease a number of common pregnancy side effects. After baby is born, reflexology is a valuable tool to help the mother relax and restore.

4. Reflexology is a holistic therapy; it affects the whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, rather than seeing the mind and the body as separate entities. It works on the belief that the body has inherent healing powers and through acupressure therapy on the feet any energetic, lymphatic and circulatory blockages may be cleared, so that the body can function optimally.

5. Reflexology is rising in popularity due to it’s non-intrusive and drug-free nature. It can be practised almost anywhere; all that is needed is a skilled therapist and some massage cream, so it is easy to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home if you wish! Therapists are often happy to treat clients lying on their bed or sofa.


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