We launched our business in 2015 after Sophie received a potentially life threatening diagnosis, which led to her giving up sugar. Gracie started making snack bars for her so she could enjoy something delicious without the added sugars. 

We are a small British family (2 sisters) run company with an award-winning range of no added sugar products.

We are the ONLY snacking brand in the UK with a whole range of no added sugar products, that are also award-winning in taste. Our snacks have been certified by Sugarwise.

But we aren’t just a product… we are two sisters with a genuine story on a mission to prove that healthy can be fun and delicious. We started in our family kitchen and now have a product that is available nationwide across the UK and have achieved this on our own without any investment to date.

We are also published authors- publishing our first cookbook ‘Naturally Delicious Snacks and Treats’ (Pavilion Books), which is available in all good bookshops and online retailers.

We work with an amazing family-run factory in the UK who are just as passionate as we are about taste, quality and innovation.

You can find us in over 2000 stores across the UK and on nearly every high street. Our main retailers are Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, Whole Foods, Selfridges, Harvery Nichols, Booths (mainly in the North of England), BP Petrol Stations (the ones with M&S’s and on Ocado, Amazon and our website.

Yes it is!  The trays, foil packaging and outer boxes (if you buy a box of 16) are recyclable. It is worth checking with your local council about their regulations though as each area is different. Our packaging can be claimed in ‘group 7’.

Yes order as often as you like here:  shop 

Great Taste 2016

Great Taste 2017

Great Taste 2018

Bronze Free From award (2017)

The Women’s Health BEST bar/ball Snack Award 2018

Vegan Society Certification

Sugarwise Certification

Yes! All our products are a great healthy choice becasue they contain minerals, vitamins and fibre. We are one of the ONLY no added sugar snacking brand in the UK.

We have a NEW organic section on our online shop with a great selection of organic options.

We can’t claim that our bars are organic because some of our ingredients aren’t certified organic. However we use the highest quality ingredients possible and sometimes that isn’t the organic option. We use organic cacao ingredients because they’re the best tasting available.

Some of our ingredients which aren’t ‘organic’ are still grown within an organic environment, but because of suppliers being smaller and not having the certification, we cannot claim them as organic.

Water activity is very important when it comes to shelf life. Our process and knowhow enables us to keep the water activity under 0.6, which is important for having an extended shelf life. The ingredients used can significantly effect water activity as well, e.g. the the of dates is very important. Packaging also effects shelf life.

All our products contain no added sugar whatsoever. The ‘sugar’ content in all our products come from natural fruit eg.dates, which is better and not metabolised in the same way as refined or processed sugars because they are full of nutrients and are balanced with fibre. Therefore, it doesn’t cause the same huge spike in blood glucose levels like processed or 'free' sugars. This is why our products have been certified by Sugarwise an international certification authority for sugar claims on food and drink.

The flavouring is made from the actual orange.  We call it ‘flavouring’ rather than the name of a specific source because it comes from different parts of the tree / plant / fruit which are combined to give the best orange taste.

We use vegetable glycerine in some of our snack bars to help lock the moisture in. Vegetable glycerine is a pure, clear, natural ingredient derivied from rapeseed oil.

The price reflects the quality of our ingredients. When we looked at reducing the costs of our bars, the only way to do this was to reduce the quality of the ingredients, which we would never do. At Squirrel Sisters we never compromise on quality or taste! Taste is and always will be at the forefront of everything we create.

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If you still have unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us hello@squirrelsisters.com

All orders received before 12pm Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day. Orders received after 12pm or at the weekend will be dispatched the next working day.

At the moment, we only deliver within the UK but if you live abroad and would like to buy some of our bars then please do email us at hello@squirrelsisters.com and we’ll see what we can do.

We use Royal Mail for our letterboxes and for all other orders we use Yodel.

Estimated delivery time 3-5 working days.

Free delivery on orders over £30.