We’ve really been enjoying the slower pace of life recently. We have always enjoyed being mindful and I (Sophie) have been mediating for about 5 years now but we wanted to share 5 other relaxing activities that we have been enjoying recently….


  1. Cooking!

We find cooking one of the most therapeutic activities to do. We get into a kind of trance with it and the best part is you’ve got something to enjoy at the end of it. With more time on our hands than normal we’ve been loving experimenting with new recipes.


  1. Drawing or colouring in

We have been loving the mindful colouring books, which we ordered online. If you dont’ have a colouring book then just grab a pencil and draw what you see.


  1. Exercise

Exercise has been very important to us during lockdown. It’s kept us sane! When you’re following a routine or even jogging, its often hard for your brain to focus on too much other stuff so you often feel great from the endorphins and giving yourself a bit of headspace afterwards


  1. Do a jigsaw

Jigsaws are back! Wow we have spent a lot of time working on jigsaw and have found it so relaxing! It’s so satisfying and actually something quite nice to do together with your friends or family too..


  1. Creating in general

Some other things we’ve been enjoying are candle making, learning to knit and gardening.