It’s a strange world right now. Life and our routines have changed dramatically; many of us are working from home and many have lost jobs due to this pandemic. This change in routine can cause unsettling and irritable feelings, which make it easy to loose motivation.

Here are some things we do ourselves that help us feel motivated when we are stuck at home.


1. Wake up at the same time everyday

Routine is important to us so we make sure we wake up at the same time everyday and get up when our alarm goes off. It’s always tempting to press the snooze button (especially right now while times have changed) but we feel much better and more productive if we just get up and get on with the day.


2. Create a morning routine that works for you

We like to wake up a bit earlier than we need to so we can do things that set us up nicely for the day. We love having time in the morning to have a cup of tea in bed, meditate and generally just try and be mindful and calm before starting the day. Other days we like to use the morning to workout, which always makes us feel amazing and motivated.


3. Set daily and longer term goals.

We like creating small daily goals and bigger long term goals. For us achieving goals is incredibly satisfying and makes us feel like we are reaching our potential and using our time in the best way possible. Daily goals don’t have to be huge, they can be things like completing your to do list, having that phone call with an old friend that you haven’t spoken to for months, helping your neighbour, doing a workout, finishing a book. The longer term goals could be things like writing a book, starting to plan the business you’ve always dreamed of doing, pursuing your dreams job role, learning’s a new skill…


4. Exercise

Exercise instantly changes our mood. When we’re feeling lazy and unmotivated getting out and getting  sweaty does wonders for our mind, body and soul. Even going for a brisk walk helps re set our mood. When it’s not possible for us to leave the house we use fitness app’s or go on youtube and find a workout video.


5. Eat well

Food, like exercise, does incredible things to our mood. They say the gut is the second brain so we always feed it well, which makes us feel well. Prepping our meals ahead of time helps alleviate any stress when we have lots on but most of the time we use cooking as a therapeutic exercise. Find recipe inspiration here


6. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

When we are feeling really awful we try and remind ourselves that it’s ok to feel this! We allow ourselves a day to embrace those feelings then get into bed early, get a good nights sleep and start a fresh the next day.