Being pregnant is hard work! As is being a new mum especially as you’re recovering from the pregnancy. So this Christmas, here are some ideas of ways you can spoil those preggos or new mums in your lives…


The Positive Planner – this is a fantastic way to keep your spirits up especially given the additional uncertainty that everyone is facing at the moment. The Positive Planner allows you to document your positive intentions in the morning, then reflect on your day on the evening…it’s really helped me to improve the outlook of my day especially when I’m exhausted and in a bad mood

Lymphatic Drainage Massage  who doesn’t love a bit of pampering?! Ana is an incredible therapist and lymphatic drainage really helps with all sorts of issues you might be facing such as a build up of toxins, fluid retention and even digestion. She has over 17 years experience and has a list of A-list clients such as royals, actresses and models. Visit her Instagram here.  The best thing about it is that she brings the spa to you J


MooGoo Bakuchiol (Natural Retinol Substitute Active Serum) – this is fantastic to keep your skin looking it’s best when you have to be careful about what to put on it. This retinol replacement is totally natural and will help keep your skin looking glowy even when you’re not feeling it as it stimulates collagen production and diminishes signs of fine lines and wrinkles.


By Sarah London  another amazing skincare brand, with face, hair & body oils that are high in quality and very luxurious, this is a way to give your body the ultimate self-love pamper. I have their facial oil which has been great when my skin is feeling a bit dry, and is so natural that I can use it on Lola and the new baby when they arrive too.


Baby2Body App  a fantastic app that is really useful through pregnancy and post-natal. Full of ideas about how to look after yourself from zen moments, delicious recipes, gentle stretches and full workouts…a subscription would be a gift I’m sure lots of people would love to receive!


Mamawell subscription  Rosie is an amazing PT who I have followed throughout both pregnancies and post-Lola. Her Mamawell method is a fantastic way to workout at home; it’s really effective and makes you feel great, but she also encourages you to take it at your own pace. She’s also lovely so is a great cheerleader throughout the workouts.


Natural Birthing Company New Mum bundle – the ultimate treat, with a lovely sleep spray that smells amazing and is so relaxing, spritz for post-labour and some different oils that you can burn to help you with your different moods / what you need as a boost it is a lovely gift for a Mum who needs a bit of easy self-care. You can buy their products on Holland & Barrett along with Squirrel Snacks too which is an extra bonus J


LyonsLeaf Balm  This brand does some really beautiful natural skincare that you can use on yourself and the baby when they arrive. They’re particularly great for any skin conditions and come in really handy (and pretty) packaging.


Kindr Alcohol-Free Sanitiser – this one is great for those who already have little ones. It has officially passed the Corona Virus test so you can feel safe that you’re using natural yet very effective products (especially after they touch everything at the play park!) You can also buy refills and reuse the original packaging which sits very well with us.


Let’s Sanitise Scents Range  with sanitizer being the latest handbag essential (along with a mask) this ‘scent wardrobe’ full of different fragranced sanitisers to suit your mood makes it feel so much nicer to have in your handbag (or nappy bag). The bottles are lovely too and it has a spray pump to dispense which is nicer than the classic Carex ones, plus they also do much bigger bottles for you to keep by the front door or by the nappy changing area..

SEAMS hand cream  with all this sanitizer talk, another lovely gift is the Seams Hand Cream… really nourishing for dry hands, t is really absorbent (perfect when you have a baby as who has time for creams to soak in, as much as that sounds like a lovely thought) and the packaging is lovely too which is always a big tick in our book.


TOG24 Jacket  these products are well designed importantly warm! They are really nicely designed & affordable. I love this jacket is as it’s lightweight but really warm, has a lovely hood (which is detachable) and loads of pocket space for random bits when you’re transporting around kids but don’t want to lug big bags around. It also fits my bump nicely (I’m usually between sizes and went for the larger) and has room to accommodate the baby when he’s arrived…or an extra jumpers if it’s cold.


Westlab Salts  if you follow us on Instagram you’ll know how much we love our bath salts from Westlab. They are definitely the best available and throughout pregnancy I use the plainer salts, my favourite being the Magnesium Flakes. Magnesium is so important for relaxation, muscle aches and helps to stablise hormones too.


Divine Eye Masks  when you just need to switch off and really have some comfort, these masks are amazing to do just that. They heat up over your eyes and also smell amazing with relaxing lavender


Pregnancy/Feeding Pillow – being surrounded and propped up is a must during pregnancy and when you’re a new Mum, whether it’s while you’re sleeping, feeding or your little one is asleep on you. I love this pillow from Direct4Baby which also loops around and becomes a little seat when your baby is a few months old too


Grobag – it is lovely to receive something for the new baby and grobags are brilliant especially if the baby is born in the winter. This one is so cosy and soft, I can’t wait to use this for my baby boy (Direct4Baby)


Shnuggle Baby Blanket – again perfect for a winter baby and something soft and comforting for a new mum too, this one is so soft, gender neutral! And perfect for something extra when they’re napping in the day or out in the pram (Direct4Baby)


Tilbea Pyjamas  back onto the supermum in question. A nice set of full-length PJ’s is such a lovely gift; these are fun (love the leopard print design!), comfortable and perfect to accommodate a bump and then breastfeeding or access for skin-to-skin in the early days. They also keep you warm when you’re up in the night either going to the toilet when pregnant or feeding/changing nappies when the baby is born. They do loads of other maternity/nursing wear and my other favourite is the kimono which I have packed in my hospital bag and I also know will make me look a bit brighter when I have visitors after those initial nights when the baby is born.


Wearable Hot water bottle – this was a gift from my mum and I have had it tied around my back with lovely heat on my lower back since she gave it to me. It’s so lovely and comforting to have warmth on the various aches and pains you go through when you’re pregnant and this realy helps.


High Rise LuluLemon Align Leggings – these were recommended to me by my friend; they’re so comfortable and stretch with you (and then pack) as you grow through pregnancy. They’re so soft and with all sorts of designs you don’t feel like you’re too dressed down either.