Working from home can be brilliant, depending on your lifestyle and type of job….but it can come with it’s challenges. We have done both office and WFH (working from home) and have some tips which we think would be useful for others who are also WFH….


  1. Create a nice working environment

You don’t necessarily have to have a dedicated office in your home, but making sure you have a nice clear area which is inviting and comfortable makes a real difference.  You’ll feel more motivated, it’ll enable you to separate work from being at home more easily and you’ll feel less stressed in a calm & clean environment too.  We often have candles around even during the day just to make us feel good, and always make sure we’re near a window to get light (or watch the rain on more dreary days).


  1. Make a schedule for the day

Give yourself a schedule rather than just waking up, working straight away and eating every meal in front of your screen. Give yourself a start-time and what you plan to achieve, plan around any calls or specific project-based work you need to do.  Ticking things off a list/schedule is very satisfying too…and it also means that you are getting what you need actually done and then are able to prioritise when unexpected things happen throughout the day (e.g. emails, calls that have to be dealt with straight away).


  1. Make sure that schedule includes some down-time & feel good activities

This is harder than it sounds – making yourself leave the house to go for a walk or eating your lunch away from your laptop takes a bit of discipline especially if you’re busy.  But, it’s so so good for you to have some time for yourself throughout the day, as well as a proper break which will actually mean you’re more productive later on.  Activities could be from going for a walk, cooking a meal from scratch through to getting urban massage round or even having an afternoon nap! Something that makes you feel good and switches your brain off for a bit.


  1. Make sure that you speak to people on a daily basis

If you live alone or have a job which doesn’t involve anyone else, then make sure you try and interact with others throughout the day.  This could be as simple as going to the local café and getting a coffee, calling a friend or relative on your lunch break or having evening plans with friends.


  1. Working from home can also mean working remotely – make the most of cafes or nearby places where other people go to work

This is something we do on a regular basis! It’s great to work somewhere that makes you feel good and is familiar. It also means that you can’t get too distracted so always quite good if you have some of those tasks to do that you don’t love. There are also places you can go where other people are working remotely, which can help in terms of interaction with others as well – have a google and see what’s near you.


  1. Stock the fridge with feel-good foods and make sure you have nice teas and coffee available

Working from home can mean you end up picking on food throughout the day, but whatever your eating style, make sure you have things you like that give you good energy and keep you going.  It does make a difference to have nice things available that you can prepare and enjoy rather than mindlessly eating some bread which is looking a bit sad with something else you find in your cupboards. Something we love to have available is also nice tea and coffee….invest in a nice machine or cafétier or if you’re a tea lover make sure you’re stocked up with favourite brands when you need a break and pick-me-up.


  1. Don’t stress if you’re not doing any of the above sometimes!

Some days, you’re too busy to think about whether you have nice things in the fridge or you’re just too tired to go on that walk you promised you go on….try and pick one of the points if you can to make you feel good, but if not then just focus on getting what you need to done and let that be your motivator to get you through the day.