Modern life can be hectic; it’s hard to not feel like there are a million things to do when you get in from a long day. Here are our ways to wind down in the evening to allow you to properly switch off, relax and finally get some well-earned rest.


Leave your work at work

Make a conscious decision to leave the days stresses at work. As soon as we get home from work we get changed straight into our comfy clothes. By changing your outfit it can change your mood, make you feel instantly relaxed and set the mood for the evening ahead.


Create a nourishing dinner

Mindfully preparing a meal can be a great way to wind down and create something nutritious and delicious. By eating a little earlier than you usually would allow time for digestion before bed. And this way it means you can always squeeze in some kind of dessert later on ?. Why not try one of our dinner recipes from our blog, which you can find here.


Run a detoxifying bath

Submerge yourself in soothing hot water to steam away the stresses from the day. We like to add Epsom salts and essential oils, which help to detoxify the body to eliminate toxins.


Do something for you

Your evening is for you, so why not choose something that you’d really like to do for yourself. We like to keep up with our skincare routines and do a face mask, a guided meditation or you could try a couple of simple yoga poses, like child’s pose and forward bends. Stretching can be good to release the tension that builds up during the day.


Catch up with friends & family

When work gets busy it can be easy to neglect your social life. It’s important to make time for friends and family, it’s what keeps us feeling normal. We love getting the group together and going out for dinner and/or enjoying a catch up over a glass of wine or two. It’s important to let your hair down every so often.


Get comfortable

Who doesn’t love getting cosy in the evenings, it’s the perfect time to curl up on the sofa and watch a film or read a good book. These simpler activities allow you to take the time to yourself to recharge ready for the next day.


Relax into your routine

A bedtime ritual can let your body know that you are preparing for sleep. By getting to bed earlier and allowing your body to rest you’ll create space for a great nights sleep. Take a rest from all digital devices and turn your phone on flight mode to give yourself a break until the morning.