It’s mental health awareness week so we wanted to reflect on how this time in lockdown has made us feel.

Lockdown has been up and down for me – mostly quite chilled out which has been a very welcome break for my busy mind, which has been on default headless chicken mode for a while now, but I’ve surprised myself at how low some weeks have been.

With things remaining consistent in our lives at this time what I’ve noticed is that without any changes or outside input, the chemicals in your body can change themselves making you feel happy and relaxed one day and uptight and anxious the next.

I always blamed these feelings on doing too much or relied on things in the future to pick me up and make me positive but I’ve had to sit and enjoy the here and now. I’m being kinder to myself and allowing myself the time to readjust my mind and body.

I wanted to share some of the things i’ve been loving in lockdown….

  • A slower pace – this one has been hard to adjust to as I’ve realized I do like to be really productive, but lazy weekends have just been the best!


  • Thursday night clapping – this just fills my heart with joy, it’s so lovely and it gets louder every week with communities feeling stronger about our amazing key workers, especially the NHS


  • Cooking – having some more time to cook from scratch and finding the creativity and productiveness in something I really love doing with experimenting with fermenting to trying a new recipe


  • Local Businesses – our local greengrocers, wine shop, butchers and restaurants providing takeaway….they have meant we can have delicious food & drinks in this time of uncertainty. It also heightens the sense of community which is so refreshing


  • Beautiful peaceful walks – I love where we live and the only drawback I ever felt was the noise from planes….it’s amazing to be able to enjoy a time without the roar from above.